Assistive Listening Devices

Assistive Listening Devices

Hearing aids are not the only option for help when you have a hearing impairment.  There are numerous assistive listening devices out there that work in conjunction with, or independently of hearing aids that can provide help in a myriad of situations.  Below are just a few of the devices out there that could help improve your quality of life.


CaptionCall is an amplified phone that also transcribes the conversation onto a large, easy to read screen to reinforce what the listener is hearing.  This product is designed to help individuals struggling with hearing loss to use the phone again with confidence.  This phone is FREE for those who need it.  If you or someone you know could benefit from a CaptionCall phone, call 919-782-9003 to make an appointment today.  In addition, CaptionCall has released their new Mobile platform.  This is a free app that enables people with hearing loss to make and receive telephone calls from their iPad, so you can understand every word of every call, everywhere.  All that is requires is an Apple iPad 2 or later, a Wi-fi or cellular internet connection, and the free app.

Puro Sound Labs

Keep Your Hearing Safe with Healthy Ears®
Puro Sound Labs headphones are safe for our hearing and sound terrific. They deliver studio-grade sound and protect our hearing without compromising their listening experience.

We are now selling Puro Sound Labs headphones in our office. Ask about the headphones at your next appointment for a free demonstration, so you can hear the difference for yourself.


Puro Sound Labs

The Dash by Bragi

Listen. Track. Communicate. Get the world’s first truly wireless Hearable, a smart device that fits in your ears. Experience amazing sound and the PerfectFit combined with In-ear biometric sensors, live activity feedback and gesture controls.

Starting in March our office will have demonstrations on the The Dash smart earphones. You’ll be able to fit them for you as well as offer a custom fit.


The Dash by Bragi

HyperSound Clear™

Introducing a first-of-its-kind directed audio solution for individuals with hearing loss.

As indicated by clinical research*, HyperSound® speakers improve sound clarity and speech intelligibility for individuals with hearing loss. HyperSound technology delivers an immersive audio experience similar to wearing headphones.

This breakthrough directed audio solution makes listening to your favorite programs more enjoyable, by beaming high-quality audio to your favorite chair or specific spot on your sofa, while everyone else in the room enjoys great sound from the television at a normal volume. HyperSound ClearTM offers a fundamentally new way to deliver sound, and has the potential to improve the home listening experience and bring joy back to movie night.



Pocket Talker

The Pocket Talker is a personal amplifier that amplifies sounds close to the listener, while reducing background noise.  This is ideal for one on one conversations; for those who are not candidates for hearing aids.  This device can make a world of difference in end of life communications in hospital and hospice settings.  If you or someone you know could benefit from this amplifier, call 919-782-9003 today.


There are numerous apps available to smartphone and tablet users that can provide education, amplification, tinnitus masking, and aural rehabilitation.  To know which app will best help you, we need to complete a comprehensive hearing evaluation and lifestyle assessment.  To get the most out of the tools available to you, call 919-782-9003 for a consultation with one of our hearing healthcare experts.

Alerting Devices

You no longer need to worry about not hearing your alarm clock, doorbell, or even an emergency alerting system because of your hearing loss.  There are numerous devices available to provide visual and tactile alerts.  We have some set up in our office for demonstration, and will work with you to find the best product to suit your needs.

TV Devices

Whether you have hearing aids or not, there are devices available to stream the television directly to your ears.  This way, other listeners can keep the volume at their preferred comfortable level, and you have full volume control with the sound wirelessly transmitted to you directly.