Custom Hearing Protection Products

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Why choose a Custom Hearing Protection Product?

If you are a musician, or if you hunt, shoot competitively, work in high-noise environments or ride a motorcycle you are an ideal candidate for noise induced hearing loss (NIHL). Once you lose your hearing, you cannot get it back. One of the best tactics for decrease the risk of permanent hearing loss is to consult with the experts at ENT & AA about choosing custom hearing protection products.
Everyone’s ears are different, which is why choosing a custom hearing product is the best option for consistent sound masking or damping. No one has the same middle and inner ear configuration as you do. Your inner ears are particularly sensitive. They contains extremely fine hair structures called sterocillia that are affected over the long-term by high decibel sounds which cause noise induced hearing loss. Intense sounds experienced over long periods of time will permanently damage the tiny hairs in your cochlea. We do not have the capacity to regrow cochlear hair cells.

Custom Musician’s Earplugs

Noise-induced hearing loss is permanent and can be devastating, but it is completely preventable.  If you are a musician, or a frequent concert attendee, consider musician’s earplugs.  Extreme sound levels as high as 130 dB can be attained in some concert venues. While foam plugs work well for general protection, musicians tend to avoid them because they attenuate some frequencies more than others, thus distorting the sound.  Custom musician’s earplugs have a filter in them that allows for a flat attenuation, putting the volume into a safer range, while preserving the integrity of the original signal.  These filters come in different levels, depending on your needs.

Custom Hunter’s Earplugs

A gunshot can reach up to 140 dB, the same level as the sound of a jet engine. This far exceeds the initial level at which hearing loss can occur.  Therefore, hearing protection should be worn at all times when hunting or target shooting.  If you have been avoiding wearing hearing protection products because you want to be able to hear the animals, or maintain conversations while not firing, there are custom hearing devices to meet your needs.  There are custom hunting ear molds that will dampen the intensity of the gunshot, while maintaining audibility when sounds are quiet.  There are even digital electronic hearing protection devices that provide amplification of soft sounds, and reduce the loud sounds.  Remember, noise-induced hearing loss is permanent, but is completely preventable.  Do not risk permanently damaging your hearing, 
Custom Motorcyclist Earplugs
If you are a motorcyclist, you are at risk of suffering noise induced hearing loss. The wind noise at highway speeds can expose motorcyclists to sound levels in excess of 100 dB. To put that in perspective, it is equivalent to using a chain saw. Riding without a helmet, which is legal in most states, can cause permanent hearing loss in less than 30-minutes. ENT & AA professionals can help you preserve your hearing and select comfortable earplugs that also work with motorcycle communications systems.

Custom Sleeping Earplugs

Are you a light sleeper?  Do you have a partner who snores? The noise level of a serious snorer can reach as high as 80 dB. To put that in perspective, a lawnmower is 90 dB. Are city sounds which are a combination of subways, buses and car alarm sounds keeping you up? City sounds can easily reach 80 dB too.  Do you find generic earplugs uncomfortable?  Consider custom-made sleeping earplugs.  They are comfortable, made just for you, and provide you with the quiet you have been missing.

Custom Anesthesiology Ear Mold

Anesthesiologist earpieces are custom made, and designed to be used with a precordial stethoscope to help accurately monitor the vital signs of patients during surgery without the irritation of constantly wearing a stethoscope.

Custom Swim Plugs

Need to avoid water getting into your ears?  Are you or your child prone to ear infections after exposure to water?  Custom swim plugs are floatable, come in bright colors, and make it safe for you to shower and swim without water getting into your ears.