6 Signs That You Need a Hearing Test

Does it seem like you’re always asking people to repeat themselves? Maybe your friends complain that your TV volume is always high. Check out these warning signs, chances are, you may be experiencing hearing loss.


Hearing loss may cause you to lose more than you realize. When you cannot hear or respond to conversations, participate in social activities and interactions, you become reclusive and less motivated to participate in life.


According to statistics, over 37.5 million people report having trouble hearing. Further, the condition is spanning through generations as it is the third most prevalent condition among seniors in the country. It falls behind arthritis and hypertension. However, hearing problems among young adults is a cause for alarm.


Even though hearing aids can heal 95 percent of these conditions, only 23 percent of them use these aids. The following are the main signs that you can benefit from test hearing to check the status of this essential sense.


1. “What Did You Say”


The biggest warning sign is asking people to repeat themselves. At times, people may appear to be mumbling or their conversations are muffled.


In most cases, the high-pitched voices of children and women are difficult to hear. While you’ll suffer if you don’t hear what people are saying, the ones around you will also suffer. Your spouse, kids, and relatives are missing out on a positive relationship with you. Visit a test hearing facility to get an accurate diagnosis of your case.


2. Inability to Hear in Noisy Places


Are you having trouble hearing in areas with too much background noise? Well, this is a sign that you’re experiencing hearing loss conditions.


Hearing and understanding what other people are saying allows you to participate in family events and other activities. The inability to participate in social conversations may have dire mental consequences. There is evidence showing a strong correlation between hearing loss and cognitive decline. Visit a competent expert for hearing evaluations and possible treatment.


3. If You Notice a Cranking up Volume


Are you constantly turning up your TV volume to a point where others complain about how loud it is? Well, the issue may not be with your radio or TV.


It is a common warning sign that your hearing may have a problem. If you notice this, make arrangements for test hearing without delay. The experts attending to your case will conduct hearing tests before advising on the course of action.


4. A Ringing Sound in Your Ears


Exposing yourself to loud noises is harmful to your ears. Such may lead to tinnitus or a ringing sound in your ears. If the ringing persists, consider doing a test hearing.


A 2013 study done in Brazil concluded that 43 percent of those with hearing loss experience tinnitus. The experience can also be a warning sign in children too. If your kid is ever complaining about ringing in the ears, difficulty in hearing, or pain in the ears, take them for a test hearing. Let the doctor assess and prepare a diagnosis before coming up with the best solution.


5. Missing Out on Everyday Sounds


Well, this is the biggest red flags. For instance, do you sleep through your alarms or miss the call or texts on your phone? When was your last time to hear birds tweeting outside your house?


If you notice that you’re missing on one or more of these sounds, visit an expert. Let them handle the situation before it becomes too hard for you to handle.


6. You Experience Trouble When Talking on the Phone


Do you have challenges talking over the phone, especially in a noisy area? Do you find yourself avoiding calls from your friends and loved ones? Well, not anymore! Have a test hearing exercise done to determine the cause and extent of your problem. This is the first step to reclaiming your hearing. If possible seek intervention sooner rather than later.


You should never fear to seek treatment for hearing loss. It is a painless process.