Can You Hear Me Now? If You Can’t Make That ENT Appointment

Around 18% of adults report that they struggle with some type of hearing difficulty. An ENT (ear nose and throat doctor) is an expert that can help. Improving your hearing starts with an accurate diagnosis.

Using state of the art hearing tests an ENT doctor can quickly diagnose hearing problems and provide you with the tools to improve your hearing. A Raleigh ENT doctor is the specialist you need to see for all your ear, nose, and throat needs.

Your Ears, Your Nose, And Your Throat

Many people do not realize that the ears, nose, and throat are all one system. They are part of the upper respiratory system and share one membrane. There is a wide range of conditions and illnesses that will affect the ENT system that can cause hearing problems, headaches, and more.

Seasonal allergy sufferers know during allergy season exactly how relative each part is to the other. When one part is affected by allergies all parts are affected. The same is true of a sinus infection or a disease of the throat. Each part affects the other parts’ ability to function.

An ear nose and throat medical practice focus on treating disease and dysfunction of this system including providing corrective action for hearing loss. ENT care for both children and adults is available.

Hearing Loss

There are several different types of hearing loss that an ENT doctor can help to correct. Congenital hearing loss is hearing loss that you are born with. This type of hearing loss is largely related to malformations in the ear.

Infections can also cause hearing damage that can result in hearing loss. For older people, exposure can cause hearing loss. Aging in and of itself can cause hearing loss.

What Can You Do About Hearing Loss

The good news is that hearing loss can be correctable. Using digital technology customizing your hearing aid can be an easy way to improve your hearing. Hearing loss can make you feel isolated, impact your social life and personal relationships.

An ENT doctor can help to improve your hearing. Make your appointment today and learn more about hearing loss correction.