World Hearing Day 2017

Every year on March 3, the World Health Organization (WHO) celebrates World Hearing Day. This day was created to help raise awareness and draw attention to the importance of prevention, screening and rehabilitation of hearing loss. The theme for this year’s World Hearing Day is ‘Action for hearing loss: make a sound investment’. The theme was chosen to help draw attention to the need for health systems to devote the same level of investment of treating hearing issues with the same seriousness as other health conditions. There have been countless studies like the Spend to Save report, which explored how investing in treating hearing loss can improve physical and mental health.

World Hearing Day also draws on the statistics that 360 million people live with disabling hearing loss, and that a person waits an average of seven years before taking action. Prevention, screening for early identification, rehabilitation through hearing devices, captioning and sign language education are among the strategies which can mitigate hearing loss and its consequences. World Hearing Day 2017 highlights actions which can be undertaken by decision-makers to address hearing loss.

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