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In 1999, Drs. Douglas and Randi Holmes opened this private practice to help the greater Raleigh community with their everyday ENT and audiology issues. Our specialists help patients with everything from sinus infections to sleep apnea, thyroid problems, hearing loss, and ear infections.

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About Us

The ENT & Audiology Associates Experience

We are an independent ENT and Audiology practice in Raleigh, North Carolina that treats children and adults for ear, nose, and throat problems through medications, surgery, Lyric hearing aids, and a combination of treatments.

Our experienced, efficient, and compassionate team collaboratively works together to treat all patients who are in need—in their time of need—so they can hear, smell, and breathe to the best of their ability, and therefore be able to live a better, healthier life.

Our mission is to deliver the most effective and efficient treatments for our patients, and to make them feel comfortable and informed throughout their entire experience with our practice.

We are dedicated to:

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Your visit being on-time and welcoming

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Diagnosing your problem accurately

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Effective treatment plans to address your needs

Raleigh’s Top ENT & Audiology Practice

Our team provides care and treatment for your ear, nose, and throat issues, so you can get back to being you.

Our Specialties

Ear, Nose and Throat

Otolaryngology is a division of medicine that specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of conditions and disorders of the ear, nose, and throat, and disorders of the head and neck. In fact, it is the oldest medical specialty in the United States. ENT (ear, nose & throat) specialists are trained in the medical and surgical management and treatment of patients suffering from conditions or disorders of the ear, nose, throat, sinuses, larynx (voice box), oral cavity and upper pharynx, as well as related structures of the head and neck.


Audiology is a branch of medicine that specializes in hearing, balance, and related disorders. Employing various testing strategies and hearing tests, audiologists determine whether or not hearing is within the normal range, and if not, which anatomical part of the ear and hearing system is disordered as well as which frequencies in the hearing spectrum (high, middle, or low) are affected and to what degree. The audiologists at ENT & Audiology Associates are trained in the evaluation of hearing of adults, infants, and children of all ages.

In-Office and Outpatient Surgical Care

In-Office Procedures

We provide convenient, safe, in-office procedures that minimize out-of-pocket expenses. You’ll receive experienced care from Dr. Douglas Holmes, a board certified anesthesiologist, and their nursing team. The quality and convenience cannot be matched.

In-Office procedures take place at our home office:

ENT & Audiology Associates building located in Raleigh NC

ENT & Audiology Associates, 3820 Ed Drive, Raleigh, NC 27612

Outpatient Procedures at the Hospital or Surgical Center

We can discuss providing surgical procedures at these nearby facilities:

Meet the Team


Douglas K Holmes, MD, FACS

Doctor of Medicine, ENT


Dr Travis Quiller of ENT and Audiology Associates in Raleigh-Durham NC

Travis Quiller, AuD

Doctor of Audiology

Team member since 2011

Dr Heather Sprague, Audiologist at ENT & Audiology serving the Triangle in North Carolina

Heather Sprague, AuD

Doctor of Audiology

Team member since 2018

Alyson Cozzy

Audiology Assistant

Team member since 2019

Dr Randi Holmes of ENT and Audiology Associates in Raleigh NC

Randi Leonard Holmes, AuD

Doctor of Audiology


Andrea, LPN

Licensed Practical Nurse

Team member since 2008

Cheryl, LPN

Licensed Practical Nurse

Team member since 2009

Amanda S, RN

Registered Nurse

Team member since 2013

Eleanor, RN

Surgical Nurse

Team member since 2017

Amanda K, CMA

Certified Medical Assistant

Team member since 2018


Clinical Assistant

Team member since 2000



Front Office, Surgery Coordinator

Team member since 2001


Patient Care Coordinator

Team member since 2009


Patient Care Coordinator, Referral Specialist

Team member since 2009


Patient Care Coordinator

Team member since 2014


Records Specialist, Spanish Interpreter

Team member since 2008


Patient Care Coordinator, Spanish Interpreter

Team member since 2020

Vision, Mission, Values


We do not accept a healthcare industry that forces patients to wait for months to be seen by an expert, that turns away patients because of their insurance, or that quickly dismisses a patient’s problem because a diagnosis or treatment is not easily found. Instead, we envision a country where timely medical treatment is available to anyone, where all patients are treated with respect, and where medical professionals do all that they can and more to successfully diagnose and treat their patients.


To not only deliver the most effective and efficient treatments for our patients but also to make them feel comfortable and informed throughout their entire experience with our practice.

Values & Beliefs


We believe that helping our patients goes beyond diagnosis and treatment—it also means deeply listening, speaking honestly and kindly, and even offering a warm smile with direct eye contact. We also believe in treating our fellow team members in this way.


We believe in finding accurate diagnoses and treatments for our patients, and we will work tirelessly and in collaboration with our fellow team members until our patients feel better.


We believe that to help our patients and one another, we have to adjust to circumstances as they arise, think on our feet, pitch in wherever needed, and stay positive no matter the situation.

COVID-19 Policies & Updates

COVID Policy effective 08/16/2021: Due to the exponential rise of Delta variant cases including breakthrough casesfor your safety and that of our staff members’ we require anyone entering our office, 12 years of age or older to bring proof of vaccination administered at least 3 weeks prior, OR a negative PCR (not a rapid) test result within 3 days of the appointment. Additionally, all individuals must wear a mask covering BOTH the nose and mouth at all times except during Dr. Holmes’ examination.

PLEASE NOTE:  This applies to all family members, caretakers, translators, and vendors in addition to patients.

We prefer that only one parent accompany a child (no siblings please) and that adults come alone if able. 100% of our staff are fully vaccinated and always masked.  We disinfect rooms between patients and control for social distancing.  We are committed to excellence in all aspects of patient care and to the health and prosperity of our community!  Thank you for trusting our practice and taking the precautions necessary to minimize the risk of Covid 19.

For information about free vaccination and testing sites, click here.