Dr. Holmes is truly exceptional. He has cared for our twin toddlers for the past 8 months. In that time, we’ve seen him ten or eleven times — from the initial diagnostic meeting where we met with the amazing audiologists who confirmed that our kids were having trouble hearing, to successful insertion of tubes in both kids’ ears at 18 months, to numerous sick visits when our son has gotten ear infections (and thank goodness for those tubes, which have greatly relieved his discomfort). We have been floored by the responsiveness of Dr. Holmes and his team to the needs of our kids. Literally, numerous same-day appointments, and some when Dr. Holmes was splitting between surgical work and clinical work. Everyone at the office is incredibly kind, patient, and thorough. We could not speak more highly of this practice. Victoria H.
Words can not express how thankful I am for the care that you have given my husband, daughter, friends, and mom. Your dedication and compassion is admired!! You will always be “Our One and only ENT Doctor” Avis & Family
Dr. Holmes and staff have been great throughout this process. The staff Extremely polite and helpful. I am very impressed with Dr. Holmes. He did a great job and was so nice to work with. I’ll recommend Dr. Holmes to anyone. Many thanks! Sally
“Dr. Holmes and the staff at ENT & Audiology are amazing! Courteous, patient, and thorough in all they do. The office is extremely clean, the play area is perfect for young children, and we have never had to wait long for our appointments. My son was sent to Dr. Holmes after a poor hearing test. Dr. Holmes determined that my son needed tubes, as well as tonsils and adenoids removed, and nasal turbinates reduced. NONE of the doctors my son had seen in the past for his allergies, sleeping issues etc ever looked into these areas. Thanks to Dr. Holmes my son no longer suffers from sleep apnea, “allergies” or hearing problems!! I would recommend this practice to EVERYONE!” Cassandra W.
“For my whole life, I’ve suffered by chronic Sinusitis. I’ve seen MANY ENT’s that basically gave up and one (local) ENT even said that I was “Making it all up”. I heard of Dr. Holmes and Balloon Sinuplasty and thought I would give that a try. For the FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE, I CAN BREATHE! The procedure was simple, quick and life-changing. Won’t ever see another ENT as long as I’m in Raleigh. ” Darren H.
“My only regret is not becoming a patient of Dr. Holmes sooner. I suffered from reoccurring sinus infections 3 or more times per year for years, which became more frequent in occurrence. After going to several other ENTs without any improvement, I finally started doing some research on my own and was fortunate to find Dr. Holmes. My condition was so severe, the in-office balloon sinuplasty procedure required a follow-up procedure at a day surgery center. I noticed that I could breathe significantly better right away. Surprisingly, I experienced no pain or discomfort from either procedure. Since my balloon sinuplasty procedures approximately eight months ago, I have experienced no sinus infections or upper respiratory infections. I am thrilled to have found Dr. Holmes, and could not be more pleased with the outcome.” Kennedy Q.
“I reluctantly went to Dr. Holmes (I have been to several ENTs in this area) after my mom (a nurse of 25 years) told me I needed to see a doctor for an ongoing scab I had in my nose that I thought was due to allergies. He diagnosed me with exactly what my mom thought I had, a bacterial infection. After 3 months of suffering, I’m already starting to feel better after two days of visiting his office. He was very kind and took his time to assess me not just once, but twice. The nurse I had (I believe her name was Monica) was extremely sweet and very engaged to assure I received the proper treatment. I will be sure to visit him in the future if any other problems arise, and I would advise anyone else suffering from chronic issues to do the same. Thank you to the staff and doctor for making this a positive experience! Dr. Douglas Holmes was very kind and took his time to assess me not just once, but twice. The nurse I had (I believe her name was Monica) was extremely sweet and very engaged to assure I received the proper treatment. I will be sure to visit him in the future if any other problems arise, and I would advise anyone else suffering from chronic issues to do the same. Thank you to the staff and doctor for making this a positive experience!” Courtney M.
“My son has autism we have had to get two sets of tubes with Dr. Holmes and we can not say enough good things about him and his staff we would definitely recommend them to other special needs families!” Heather V.
“Despite a busy appointment schedule, I was in and out on time.” Mark R.
“He was so attentive and didn’t make you feel rushed. Most Drs are in and out as quick as possible and he made you feel like the only patient.” Allie G.
“Love them! Great staff so professional, friendly and helpful.” Jennifer G.
“Definitely one of the best doctors I’ve seen in a long time. He takes time listening to you and helping to explain different treatment options. He is clearly well experienced and treats his patients with dignity and respect. The staff is wonderful also.” Andrea P.
“Dr. Holmes and his staff are amazing. He made me feel like the most important patient and was in tune with my troubles and concerns. He wasn’t trying to rush me out the door like most other doctors running through their schedules. He came recommended by dozens of people and now I know why.” Emily T.
“He gave me and my son our lives back! Thank you so much.. from not being able to sleep at night to severe snoring. My toddler son and I finally can live a normal life again.” Obinna F.
“After being out of hearing aids for a few months I put on some conventional aids to attend a weekend Phonak meeting on Lyric 24/7 totally invisible hearing instruments. By 7:30 Monday AM my audiologist colleague Travis Quiller, AuD had placed a new set of Lyrics and the hearing is amazing. This is a game changer for our patients with hearing loss, with or without tinnitus. And it is a true solution for our tinnitus sufferers. These advances and new modalities keep medicine exciting. Very grateful to Phonak for their innovation in this arena.” Douglas H.
“Very happy with my experience here! Dr. Holmes is a really good doctor. I was having a lot of trouble with breathing through my nose, it’s never been great, but it got a lot worse very suddenly. My PCP gave me a referral to Dr. Holmes. The office was quick to get in touch, and I had an appointment within the week. Dr. Holmes was super efficient with figuring out what was wrong, and he set me up with a procedure to fix my deviated septum and reduce my turbinates. Getting all of that sorted was really easy, then of course COVID-19 happened and made everything get delayed because of the shut down. But the office was really great, they definitely tried their best to get me rescheduled as soon as they could. The office staff here are really wonderful and sweet, through the whole process I’ve talked to them many times. Especially Tanya in scheduling and billing, she’s lovely. I felt that she really went above and beyond. Anyway, everything worked out great, no problems at all. The procedure went really well! Dr. Holmes did a perfect job! It was hardly painful at all, I’m one week post op now, and already my breathing is so much better! I was kind of irrationally nervous about doing the aftercare instructions correctly, Dr. Holmes reassured me and let me come in for a quick visit so he could take a look. He’s really understanding and to the point. And everything looks good, the whole healing process has been super easy. I highly recommend coming here.” Anna L.
“We have been coming to Dr. Holmes for a few years now. Both my daughters needed ear tubes put in. Both were successful procedures. My youngest who is 3 years old has very enlarged tonsils causing apnea and we are about to have them removed by Dr. Holmes. I wouldn’t trust anyone else. Highly recommend this practice. Very friendly staff.” Sarah N. “I have had a great experience with Dr. Quiller in audiology.  I have had a hearing deficit for over 30 years.  He set me up with a program that has greatly improved my standard of living.  I am grateful to Dr. Quiller and would recommend his services at ENT & Audiology Associates.” Jeff G.
“My family has been seeing Dr. Holmes for 20 years.  Our first visit was with our son when he was 2 years old. Dr Holmes performed a tympanaplasty that saved our son’s hearing.  Since then our entire family has been treated by Dr. Holmes for various surgeries and procedures.  He is a highly skilled and focused doctor with a caring attitude.  Thank you sir.” John G.
“Dr. Holmes, the nurses, receptionist, and everyone else I have interacted with at ENT & Audiology has been top notch. Highly recommended!” Darren M.
“A friend of mine told me that Dr. Holmes helped her son when he needed ear tubes. My son had ear infections for months and was allergic to amoxicillin. Other medicines did not work for him. I took him to Dr. Holmes and at 21 months he got tubes. It made all the difference in his life. He went from being on antibiotics for two months straight for back-to-back-to-back ear infections to only one minor one in the last year and a half. When my daughter started screaming at night at 6 months old I took her to the pediatrician to find that she had ear infections as well. She also did not respond to the medicines. I took her to Dr. Holmes to have her ears “fixed” when she was 8 months old. She is now 14 months old and hasn’t had another infection. Dr. Holmes and his staff are wonderful. I am so grateful to have found his practice.” Haya G.
“I had problems with my ear clearing when diving and flying. I came to Dr. Holmes and he did a newer procedure on my ear and it is wonderful. I can clear with no problems and everything feels great. Everyone in the office are very professional and friendly. I recommend them.” Christy R.
I sincerely appreciate Dr. Holmes and his very courteous staff while a patient requiring removal of an inverted papilloma. Dr. Holmes expertise is very apparent and I am the beneficiary of both this expertise as well as his patient manner, willingness to explain the condition and the procedure to correct the issue. I am sure the correction of my nasal problem was complex and required his superior training and surgical knowledge. He succeeded in restoring the air flow through my nose and thus enabled many good night’s sleep in the future. Thank you Dr. Holmes. Anonymous
“Dr. Holmes is exceptional! He has performed two surgeries on my 13 month little girl. He has a patient portal and will respond after hours with questions or concerns! He most definitely, by far, is a true blessing to our family! We will be forever grateful!” Amanda N.
“I am very grateful to Dr Holmes! A year ago, I had a persistent and recurring ear infection which caused me pain, worries and worse of all tinnitus. My regular doctor kept insisting she didn’t even see any inflammation. Dr Holmes saw me right away, gave me the right antibiotics, ran many tests and got to the bottom of it. He is compassionate and thorough. I highly recommend him.” Ella H.
“Dr. Holmes was an amazing find! He diagnosed and treated my nasal issues with an appointment and subsequent surgery. It was painless and efficient. He spends all the necessary time and care with you and answers any questions or concerns with attentive detail. He also treated my daughter with the same quality care. I highly recommend seeing Dr. Holmes for any misdiagnosed/un-diagnosed ENT issues.” Joel T.
“What a very pleasant office! Everyone that works there are the nicest of people. Even though I was there because I was suffering from my 80th sinus infection, Dr. Holmes gave me hope. He was cheerful and easy going. He said something to effect of, ‘Not to worry Elizabeth, we will get this straightened out for you’. And patiently explained what was going on and the remedy. I found Dr. Holmes through Google and had read all the reviews. They were able to squeeze me in Christmas Eve, to which I was so grateful for.” Elizabeth C.
“I’ve suffered from chronic sinusitis rhinitis for years and Dr Holmes is the first doctor to discuss treatment plans and find ways to get me OFF medicines and live a more productive and healthy life. He is all for what’s right for me!! He understands my triggers that cause flair ups and rather the push pills down my throat he has supported finding stress relievers (massage therapy, chiropractic work, anything that keep my stress triggers at bay) He’s easy to talk to… matter of fact with a since of humor. I recently had nasal polyp removal and I feel amazing. Literally six hours post opp and zero discomfort with limited pain management. So happy to have a doctor I trust and who has my best interest at heart. He genuinely cares about my well being and I am sincerely grateful. I will have a continued relationship with Dr Holmes for the management of my condition and I couldn’t be in more capable hands. He’s is the sixth ENT I’ve had over the last four years! The search is OVER. Never retire Dr Holmes… You have a gift.” Loni G.