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Tonsils & Adenoids

Imagine a life free of throat infections and tonsil stones…

That is now possible for our tonsillectomy patients at ENT & Audiology Associates.

What are Tonsils and Adenoids?

Tonsils are on each side in the back of the throat. Adenoids are high in the throat behind the nose and the roof of the mouth, and are not visible through the mouth or nose without special instruments.

What Affects Tonsils and Adenoids?

The two most common problems affecting the tonsils and adenoids are recurrent infections of the nose and throat, and significant enlargement that causes nasal obstruction and/or breathing, swallowing, and sleep problems.

Tonsillitis is an infection of the tonsils. Symptoms you may notice are:

  • Redder than normal tonsils
    A white or yellow coating on the tonsils
  • A slight voice change due to swelling
    Sore throat, sometimes accompanied by ear pain
  • Uncomfortable or painful swallowing
  • Swollen lymph nodes (glands) in the neck
  • Fever
  • Bad breath


If your adenoids are enlarged, it may be hard to breathe through the nose. If the tonsils and adenoids are enlarged, breathing during sleep may be disturbed. Other signs of adenoid and or tonsil enlargement are:

  • Breathing through the mouth instead of the nose most of the time
  • Nose sounds blocked when the person speaks
  • Chronic runny nose
  • Noisy breathing during the day
  • Recurrent ear infections
  • Snoring at night
  • Restlessness during sleep, pauses in breathing for a few seconds at night(may indicate sleep apnea).

When do I need a Tonsillectomy?

Imagine a life free of throat infections and tonsil stones… that is now possible for our tonsillectomy patients at ENT & Audiology Associates.

Tonsils are lymphoid tissue, and they are a pain. Sure, as lymphoid tissue they have some function in processing germs and fighting infection, but in their absence there is still plenty of this tissue in the throat to do the job.

They are a pain because they can cause:

  • Obstruction, which can lead to sleep apnea
  • Infections within the tonsil and beyond
  • Very bad sore throats (some strep, some not)
  • Tonsils stones (a nasty concretion of old food, bacteria, and sloughed off lining membrane)
  • … and rarely, a cancer of the tonsil can develop


When they are a big pain, then it is time to say “bye bye” to them.

The problem is that the post op course is no walk in the park. In fact, it is one of the more painful procedures one can have, and there is a small chance of bleeding afterwards. But, once recovered, it is smooth sailing for the rest of your life.

Come see us about your tonsils and we’ll talk about a life free of throat infections and tonsil stones, and better sleep without obstruction.

Hear From Our Patients

Successful procedures for my children
Successful procedures for my children
Sarah N.
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We have been coming to Dr. Holmes for a few years now. Both my daughters needed ear tubes put in. Both were successful procedures. My youngest who is 3 years old has very enlarged tonsils causing apnea and we are about to have them removed by Dr. Holmes. I wouldn’t trust anyone else. Highly recommend this practice. Very friendly staff.
No longer suffers from sleep apnea
No longer suffers from sleep apnea
Cassandra W.
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Dr. Holmes and the staff at ENT & Audiology are amazing! Courteous, patient, and thorough in all they do. The office is extremely clean, the play area is perfect for young children, and we have never had to wait long for our appointments. My son was sent to Dr. Holmes after a poor hearing test. Dr. Holmes determined that my son needed tubes, as well as tonsils and adenoids removed, and nasal turbinates reduced. NONE of the doctors my son had seen in the past for his allergies, sleeping issues etc ever looked into these areas. Thanks to Dr. Holmes my son no longer suffers from sleep apnea, “allergies” or hearing problems!! I would recommend this practice to EVERYONE!