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Ear Tubes

Imagine not making frequent trips to your primary care doctor for ear infections…

ENT & Audiology Associates creates that reality for our ear tube patients and their parents.

What are Ear Tubes?

Ear tubes are tiny, hollow cylinders that are surgically inserted into the eardrum. An ear tube creates an airway that ventilates the middle ear and prevents the accumulation of fluids behind the eardrum. Ear tubes can also be called tympanostomy tubes, ventilation tubes, myringotomy tubes or pressure equalization tubes.

Ear tubes are often recommended for children who have persistent fluid buildup behind the eardrum, especially if the condition causes hearing loss and affects speech development. Your child’s doctor may also recommend ear tubes if your child gets frequent ear infections.

Most ear tubes fall out within nine to twelve months, and the holes heal shut on their own. Eardrums heal behind the tubes as they are pushed out. Rarely, a tube needs to be removed surgically.

Hear From Our Patients

Floored by the Responsiveness
Floored by the Responsiveness
Victoria H.
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Dr. Holmes is truly exceptional. He has cared for our twin toddlers for the past 8 months. In that time, we've seen him ten or eleven times — from the initial diagnostic meeting where we met with the amazing audiologists who confirmed that our kids were having trouble hearing, to successful insertion of tubes in both kids' ears at 18 months, to numerous sick visits when our son has gotten ear infections (and thank goodness for those tubes, which have greatly relieved his discomfort). We have been floored by the responsiveness of Dr. Holmes and his team to the needs of our kids. Literally, numerous same-day appointments, and some when Dr. Holmes was splitting between surgical work and clinical work. Everyone at the office is incredibly kind, patient, and thorough. We could not speak more highly of this practice.
Definitely recommend them
Definitely recommend them
Heather V.
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My son has autism we have had to get two sets of tubes with Dr. Holmes and we can not say enough good things about him and his staff we would definitely recommend them to other special needs families!
So grateful to have found this practice
So grateful to have found this practice
Haya G.
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A friend of mine told me that Dr. Holmes helped her son when he needed ear tubes. My son had ear infections for months and was allergic to amoxicillin. Other medicines did not work for him. I took him to Dr. Holmes and at 21 months he got tubes. It made all the difference in his life. He went from being on antibiotics for two months straight for back-to-back-to-back ear infections to only one minor one in the last year and a half. When my daughter started screaming at night at 6 months old I took her to the pediatrician to find that she had ear infections as well. She also did not respond to the medicines. I took her to Dr. Holmes to have her ears “fixed” when she was 8 months old. She is now 14 months old and hasn’t had another infection. Dr. Holmes and his staff are wonderful. I am so grateful to have found his practice.

COVID-19 Policies & Updates

COVID Policy effective 08/16/2021: Due to the exponential rise of Delta variant cases including breakthrough casesfor your safety and that of our staff members’ we require anyone entering our office, 12 years of age or older to bring proof of vaccination administered at least 3 weeks prior, OR a negative PCR (not a rapid) test result within 3 days of the appointment. Additionally, all individuals must wear a mask covering BOTH the nose and mouth at all times except during Dr. Holmes’ examination.

PLEASE NOTE:  This applies to all family members, caretakers, translators, and vendors in addition to patients.

We prefer that only one parent accompany a child (no siblings please) and that adults come alone if able. 100% of our staff are fully vaccinated and always masked.  We disinfect rooms between patients and control for social distancing.  We are committed to excellence in all aspects of patient care and to the health and prosperity of our community!  Thank you for trusting our practice and taking the precautions necessary to minimize the risk of Covid 19.

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